Benefit from our innovative expertise, brought to you as a result of 70 years of know-how combined with the expertise of our skilled employees. Flexibility, efficiency and dependability are our company’s hallmarks.

You’ll be impressed by our processes’ low power consumption and maximum utilization of materials, fast production time and optimized costs. Thanks to our close collaboration with machine manufacturers, we use the latest equipment and can achieve an unprecedented level of cold-forming precision and reliability.

As a pioneer in the cold forming of stainless steel, no other company comes close to matching our long-standing experience in processing this robust and durable material. We can even produce complex design elements from a single piece, and improve the mechanical characteristics through work-hardening for maximum load capacity.

We specialize in cone point setscrews, which we finish on dedicated systems. This means virtually our entire value chain remains in house. And through precision finishing, we guarantee we meet the highest standards in terms of quality, technical component cleanliness and dimensional accuracy.